Family Law

Family Law

Athens GA Family Lawyer Helping People with Family Law, Divorce, and Child Custody

Classic City Legal is a law firm with lawyers and attorneys practicing in the areas of family law, divorce, and domestic relation litigation. Our team of lawyers and attorneys takes pride in efficiently, aggressively, and zealously representing our clients’ interests. We understand that not all cases proceed to trial and that sometimes resolution of the case is in the best interests of the client. However, when a case must go to trial, we go prepared.

Athens GA Family Lawyer and Athens GA Divorce Lawyer

Within our family law and divorce practice our Athens Georgia family lawyer have helped clients with divorce, paternity, custody (parenting plans), equitable distribution, alimony, high asset divorce, prenuptial agreements (including drafting them, seeking to have them enforced, and seeking to have them set aside), marital agreements, child support, domestic violence, relocation, issues related to members of the military and services, enforcement and modification issues. We help clients be as comfortable as they can through the process, give them good advice, and try to get them the best results possible.

Paternity and Athens GA Child Support Lawyer

A paternity action is a legal proceeding to legally establish the parentage of a child. Sometimes paternity is agreed to and sometimes it is disputed.  A DNA test can be used to establish or disestablish paternity.  Only after paternity has been established can the father of a child born outside of a marriage have his rights determined by a Court. Once parentage is established in a paternity action the Court can set time-sharing (custody/visitation) and parental responsibility (decision making). Sometimes paternity is established for the purposes of child support outside of a paternity action.  When this happens and a father wants to establish a time-sharing schedule with the child and involvement in decision making the father needs to pursue a paternity action separate from the child support proceedings to do so.

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